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 'TIS THE DOING NOT THE DEED is now available from th author

Apolline is a headstrong French lawyer, and her mid-mannered Australian husband Parry, an investigator for an art auction house in Geneva. Against a backdrop of intrigue, flawed allegiance, greed and warped ambition, they work together to unravel the provenance of a collection of paintings by two 20th century Australian artists. What they uncover is a tale of love and hate, dominance and disobedience that spans almost a century.

ISBN: 978-1-925821-29-1 (print);  ISBN: 978-1-925821-30-7 (eBook).

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It Happened Tomorrow


It Happened Tomorrow

Fraud is no stranger to the world of art. Forged signatures on paintings, fake ‘masterpieces’ and illegal castings of sculptures—all make front-page news. Yet the person we identify as the ‘artist’ usually rings true.

On a visit to Australia, Mal, an arts reporter living in France, stumbles—or thinks she has stumbled—onto a quite different kind of fraud when she attends the opening of a major exhibition at a prestigious Sydney art gallery. There is something not quite right about the man who is presented as the high-profile French artist Denis Denarius. She convinces her brother Parry to accompany her back to France to investigate. Once there, Mal also enlists the aid of her husband Ludo and his lawyer sister Apolline.

Their search for the artist takes them from mountains of Haute-Savoie to the hillside villages of Provence in an increasingly bizarre set of circumstances.

In It Happened Tomorrow, Susan Steggall, an art historian with a love of art on the edge, combines erudition and humour in an entertaining tale of love lost and found against a backdrop of dirty deeds and warped ambition.

It Happened Tomorrow is available for $20 per copy plus $5 postage.

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Forget Me Not


Forget Me Not

Forget Me Not (2006) charts a woman’s journey of self-discovery while researching the mystery of her grandfather’s presumed death during the assault on Mont Saint-Quentin in northern France at the end of August 1918. The story Rose uncovers is more shocking and ultimately more wonderful than anything she could have expected to find.

Forget Me Not encompasses life in contemporary Australia and France as well as on the Great War battlefields of the Somme and in occupied France during World War Two.

ISBN 9781740083973


Forget Me Not is available for $20 per copy plus $5 postage.

$20.00 - contact for order

FORGET ME NOT is now available as an E-BOOK Click here

Publisher: Editions Kusatsu
Year: 2014
ISBN: 978-0-9581964-1-3
Price: 5.99 AUD

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