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Fisherman's Creel

I have just finished Tony Taylor's 'Fishing the River of Time'. While it is ostensibly the story of how he took his eight-year-old grandson fishing in a wilderness area on Vancouver Island, Canada, it is much more - or other - than this. There had apparently been some family tension and Taylor, who had loved fishing as a passion all his life -as well as being passionately interested in geology and the natural world - thought it would be a good way of bridging the generations, literally and metaphorically. Yet the book is not so much the story of the encounter between grandson and grandfather as a conversation between author and reader - rather like a desultory conversation on an old verandah when time is not of the essence. I was hooked..... and I don't even like fishing!

For the next few weeks I will be relatively housebound as I recover from some back surgery (only relatively mind you). So what better time - excuse, reason call it what you will - to sink into a few books without that guilty feeling I should be doing something else. While mulling over this pleasant prospect a 'light-bulb' idea occurred. 

Reading challenges are all the rage these days. So, I said to myself, why not start one of my own?




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