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Susan Steggall as author:


  • ‘Taking the Tally’, in No Thanks or Regrets, ed. Kent, J., State Library of N.S.W. Press, 1996 WEB ADDRESS
  • ‘An Other World: Albert Tissandier at Jenolan Caves’, in Limits of Location: Creating a Colony, Sydney University Press, Sydney, 2007


  • ‘Tradition and its transformation: Joan Kerr, Housewife to historian’, Journal of Art Historiography, No.4, 2011,
  • ‘Joan Kerr: Stirring the Possum in Australian Art History’, Art Monthly Australia, # 224, October 2009
  • ‘What, a Character?’, Telling Stories: Fact or Fiction, Papers and Proceedings, NSW Chapter ISAA, 2008
  • ‘Reflections on Writing Scholarly Biography’, ISAA Review, Volume 7, NO.2, May, 2008
  • ’Art in the High Country’, Ceramics TECHNICAL, No.20, 2005
  • ’Off-Road Art’, Nissan News, June, No.248, 2003
  • ‘Wendy Solling’, 452, plate 495; ‘Violet Vimpany’, 469, plate 222, in Heritage: The National Women's Art Book, ed. Kerr, J., Australia, 1995

Susan Steggall as editor:

  • Editor since 2010, of the ISAA Review, journal of the Independent Scholars Association of Australia Inc
  • Editor with Introduction, A Way of Happening, 2006, Society of Women Writers anthology of prize-winning short stories and poetry.
  • Editor, SHARING A LANDSCAPE: A Celebration of Difference, Society of Women Writers NSW Inc., Sydney, 2004
  • Editor, IN CONVERSATION Proceedings: Discussion Series 2002. NSW Chapter Independent Scholars Association of Australia Inc. (ISAA), 2003

  • Co-editor (with Gretchen Poiner), The Proceedings of the Seminar, ‘Relaxed Comfortable and Stupid: Is Australia “Dumbing Down?”’, NSW Chapter Independent Scholars Association of Australia Inc., 2001
  • NEW INITIATIVE: Begun in 2009, and recommenced in 2013, a series of monographs entitled Family History Series (ISSN 2201-6031). The first two volumes are:
    • Number 1: ‘Moonlight and the Man’
    • Number 2: ‘An Invitation’

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