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My newest novel 'TIS THE DOING NOT THE DEED has just been published by SHOOTING STAR PUBLICATIONS.

Apolline is a headstrong French lawyer, and her mid-mannered Australian husband Parry, an investigator for an art auction house in Geneva. Against a backdrop of intrigue, flawed allegiance, greed and warped ambition, they work together to unravel the provenance of a collection of paintings by two 20th century Australian artists.

What they uncover is a tale of love and hate, dominance and disobedience that spans almost a century. ISBN: 978-1-925821-29-1 (print);  ISBN: 978-1-925821-30-7 (eBook).

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Due to renewed interest in my (out of print) 1999 memoir, Alpine Beach. A Family Adventure, which covers the decade we (myself, husband John, son Zeke and daughter Zali) spent in the French Alps - the village of Montriond near Morzine, I have had it reprinted as a revised edition. The 20th anniversary of Zeke's bronze medal at the Snowboard World Championships (Austria, 1999), Zali's gold medal at the World Alpine Skiing Championships (Vail, 1999), as well as her candidature for the forthcoming Federal elections, has fostered renewed interest in the book. So, from 14 February 2019, it is once more available. Please contact me - - for details.