ROSE SCOTT WOMEN WRITER'S FESTIVAL 2014, Saturday 16 August 2014 ­ About ­ Susan Steggall

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ROSE SCOTT WOMEN WRITER'S FESTIVAL 2014, Saturday 16 August 2014

Winter is certainly upon us with lots of wonderful white stuff in the Snowy Mountains for the skiing and snowboarding tragics among us!

Winter is also time for settling down with a good book – several good books. It is also a time for thinking about reading and writing with the Rose Scott Women Writers’ Festival happening in a few weeks’ time – on Saturday 16 August 2014 to be precise. See the website: for full details.

I’ve listed the program here as I am very excited to be speaking about my art mystery novel 'It Happened Tomorrow'.

09.00 Registration and Refreshments
09.40 Welcome to Festival - with the Festival's songwriter and performer, Lindsay Drummond

10.00 Deborah O’Brien – 'The Jade Widow'
Deborah is a teacher, visual artist and bestselling author of Mr Chen’s Emporium. Her follow-up novel, The Jade Widow is a captivating tale of pioneering Australian women finding their way in a man’s world in the 1880s. References to Rose Scott, co-founder of The Women’s Club, feature in the historical tale. Deborah will be in conversation with presenter and Women’s Club member, Jenny Strachan.
11.00 Book purchasing and Author signing

11.30 Blanche d’Alpuget – 'The Young Lion'
Blanche is an award winning author, essayist and the second wife of Australia’s longest serving Labor Prime Minister, Bob Hawke. The Young Lion is her first novel in 20 years and is the first instalment in a quartet about the House of Plantagenet, the ruling dynasty of England for more than 300 years. Blanche will be in conversation with Olympian, presenter and author, Lisa Forrest.
12.30 Book purchasing and Author signing

13.00 Lunch Break

14.00 Judy Nunn – 'Elianne'
From stage actor and international television star to blockbuster bestselling author, Judy’s career has been meteoric. Judy’s latest novel is a story of honour – family honour among hard men in a harsh environment. But when honour is lost so too is love, and without love, what becomes of the family? Judy will be speaking to the Festival’s Creative Director, Michaela Bolzan.
15.00 Book purchasing and Author signing

15.30 Susan Steggall – 'It Happened Tomorrow'
Susan is an art historian who also writes fiction and biography. Her work is informed not only by art, both historical and contemporary, but also by her interest in, and family connections to France, its people, culture and language. Susan is a member of The Women’s Club and will be speaking to presenter and Club member, Jenny Strachan.
16.30 Thank you
16.35 Book purchasing and Author signing
Festival Close and Drinks